aclmackeyCarolyn is a professionally trained chef, crafting stylist and entertaining expert. Carol began her culinary career at The Cooking and Hospitality Institute, Le Cordon Bleu; there she had found her calling, graduating first in her class. She spent the next few years working in catering, restaurants and teaching cooking classes throughout the country. After having twin boys she continued her passion by teaching cooking classes, freelance recipe development, starting her own company selling gourmet food products and creating small scale parties. She has appeared on NBC Chicago, numerous times on WGN, Carol’s recipes have been featured in several publications including The Chicago Tribune and The Daily Herald and she was a finalist in The Food Networks Great Steak Challenge. Her special talent is creating recipes that are very “doable” for the average person with lots of shopping tips, and from the knowledge she received from catering lots of “do ahead” tips. Carol combines cooking and creating affordable tablescapes for parties that anyone at home could easily replicate. She believes in entertaining with ease, be a guest at your own party, have fun and embrace entertaining and fabulous food! Carol lives in suburbia with her husband, two sons, Lucky the golden retriever and Charlie the beagle.


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  1. I saw a segment on line that u did on line Five dinners in one grocery bag. I cannot find the recipes anywhere. Can u direct me to where I might find them. Some of the recipes where Barbadoa chicken. Lentil soup. Orzo pasta with chicken.

  2. These homemade box gifts r beautiful and so cute …. I have a daughter that is graduating middle school and has a 14th birthday.. any idea on a box wit both inside

    Hi thx! I would just think about her favorite things and go from there! Many of the items I used would be great. Check the link on the WGN website later I detailed where I purchased everything, mostly Amazon and Target (Target dollar section is really good for fun items) I got the boxes there too!

  3. Carol: I would love to know the recipe for the cucumber things for Cinco de Mayo. Can you send to me? Randy Young…

    • cut a cucumber in half, cut off ends, trim cucumber to about 31/2 inches. Using a melon baller, scoop out center(not all the way down though). Using a vegetable peeler roughly peel top portion of cucumber add
      spicy Bloody Mary mix, it’s a chaser for a shot of tequila but you could put a Bloody Mary in there!

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